How can I improve student engagement and motivation?  Is there a better way to teach this topic? Your Library Media Specialist can research best practices in teaching for your review.  Is there a tool to make everyday tasks easier?  See the Tools section, the on the K12 Library Home Page.

What are Instructional Strategies?

Instructional strategies are methods that educators use to help students engage in learning. Best Practice Strategies provide for optimal engagement that develops enduring learning.

First Word Strategy (with a partner) 
  Say Something Strategy – (You and your partner decide where you will stop reading for each section.) Read and after each major heading stop, turn to your partner and “say something.”
  Walk Around Survey 
  Jigsaw Strategy
  Strategies for All Content Areas (We used Carousel.)
  Instructional Strategies for Engaging Learners
  Journey North Instructional Strategies

Journey North Reading Strategies (all content areas)

  Reflect and Connect Activities
  Admit/Exit Strategy

Pre-Searches for Background knowledge: Ask students to do a search in a specific FCSC subscription database or in a search engine such as Google.  At the end of a class period, give a brief topic (i.e., person, place, thing) to the class that will be relevant to the next lecture. Tell them that each student is required to do a search of that topic for the next class meeting, and that each one will be asked to share the most unusual, little known, or humorous fact about that topic. If the class is not too large, have every student participate by sharing one fact.  Check out more ideas here: 

Other Best Practices:  and  and Storytelling:

Classroom Instruction That Works, Marzano,  Chapter 2

Strategy Content
Analogy Science-Teaching Science Concepts to Children:The Role of Analogies
Analogy All-How is a Hot dog Like a Shoe?: Thinking by Analogy
Analogy All-Analogies Card Game
Analogy All-Personal Analogy
Analogy All-Direct Analogy
Analogy Science—Analogy of Cell Parts
Classifying Science
Classifying Sport Science (deer) – Steve
Classifying Social Studies/History
Classifying Timeline Tool (online tool like Timeliner software)
Comparison All - Be a Reading Detective Identifying Similarities and Differences
Comparison Math—Venn Diagrams
Comparison All—Venn Diagram Assessment
Comparison Social Studies—Comparing the Continents
Comparison Lang. Arts—Hero Venn Diagram
Comparison Math- Competing Coasters
Comparison Science-Skull Diversity
Comparison Social Studies—Where in the World Would You Like to Live?
Metaphors English (All -  for introducing/reviewing metaphors or idioms)
Metaphors English - Online Interactive Poetry Introduction to Metaphors
Metaphors All - Teaching through Riddles
Metaphors All - Writing Riddles
Metaphors All - Metaphor Tutorial
Metaphors Math, Art – Mathematical Metaphors in Art (lesson plan)
Metaphors Math, Art – Mathematical Metaphors in Art (article)