LIGHT 5-8     


Create a teacher or department web pageFront Page 2003
Go the the Library Home Page and discover which resources are most useful for your content area.  Create a guide for students seeking information about your content area.
Add sound files to Front Page 2002

Create or Collect/Modify Online Lesson plans using the Internet and Software Tools--
Marzano Chapter 12

Technology Integration: Unit Planning Activity, Curriculum, & Technology Instructional Activities

Pick Indiana curriculum standards that you want to focus on.
Go the the Library Home Page's "
Utilize Questioning,  and Information Literacy (Big 6).  
Model reading & writing strategies for your content area, and use effective and engaging teaching strategies to maximize student learning. 
How can you assess prior knowledge?
Are you able to scaffold your lessons to guide your students and make their thinking visible? 
How will you assess both process and product?
How can you engage and motivate students?
Examples of integrated lessons, scaffolding and strategies:

Math Science English Foreign Language Business
Tools for Understanding Think Aloud Note taking & Note Making Una Vista a Rancagua Economics-Credit
Job Search: Mathematician Cloning Resources for Young Writers Diego Rivera & Frida Business Sources
Interactive Math Pages Micro-Units Constructing an Argument Language Bank Business Subjects
Digital Classroom Resources Science, Comp. & Tech Way with Words Foreign Languages
Math Resources Science Subjects Active/Passive Voice Languages
Choral Music Family & Con. Science Agriculture All Subjects  
Performing Arts in Balt. Skills for Workforce Ag. Ed Resources Web Lesson Plans Teacher's First
Mozart Webquest Web Quests Agriculture Subjects Research Modules
Music History CSU Cooperative US State AG Sites Eduscapes
The Symphony Family & Con. Subjects Agribusiness MarcoPolo
Performing Arts & Music Family & Con. Sites Ag Resources Online Reading Strategies

Department web site examples:
Why have a department page?
What is the purpose of a department web page?
Which types of pages are most effective and useful?
What types of content should be included?

Argos HS Aurora HS Avon HS Belmont HS Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS
Bloomington  North Bloomington South Carmel HS Peru HS Columbus East
By Subject:        
Math English/Drama Foreign Lang. Science Business
John Handley, VA Peru HS Wilson, PA Physics Peru HS
Lexington High, MA Hanford HS   East Hampton HS  
Fam. & Con. Sc. Choral Music Agriculture All Depts.
Wilson, PA Wooster HS Mr. Sipher's, NY Tri-Center HS, IA East Hampton HS