Website Wednesday



The following sites have been briefly searched for content and educational relevance.  We encourage you to preview the sites before using them in your classroom or passing along to others to
make sure they are student-safe and have valid curriculum connections. From MSD Perry Township Media/Technology Staff Development Department

SCHOOL YEAR 2010-2011

MLK DAY 2011  

SCHOOL YEAR 2009-2010

Labor Day & 9/11 2009 Autumn in Indiana Earth Day 2010
National Poetry Month 2010 Baseball 2010  

SCHOOL YEAR 2008-2009

Back to School Olympics Reading Support
Test Readiness Hurricanes Autumn in Indiana
Columbus Day & Explorers All Things Scary Writing Resources
Geographic Information Systems Day Thanksgiving 2008 December Holidays
Giving Back Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Inauguration 2009
Health 09 Black History Month 09 Valentine's Day 09
President's Day 09 Teaching with Primary Sources Math Resources
March Madness Brain Awareness Women's History Month March 2009
Spring Break 2009 April National Poetry Month Earth Day 2009
Baseball End of the Year Stress

SCHOOL YEAR 2007-2008

Halloween Elections Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Gadgets Holiday Lessons
Graphic Organizers Writing MLK Day & 100th Day of School
Brain Awareness Week Hearts & President's Day Black History Month
Poetry Primary Source Resources Spring Break
Teacher Stress Earth Day Baseball
Racing Summer Fun & Learning

SCHOOL YEAR 2006-2007

Questioning Strategies Hurricane Katrina--1 Year Later & Labor Day Remembering 911
Constitution Day 2006 Hispanic Heritage 2006 Autumn in Indiana
School Violence Halloween Veteran's Day & Elections
Native American Heritage Month Thanksgiving 2006 Primary Sources
Holidays Around the World

SCHOOL YEAR 2005-2006

Back to School Labor Day and 9/11 Hurricane Katrina
Constitution Day Fall 2005 Bullying
Columbus Day "Of the Day" Sites Halloween-Daylight Savings
Veteran's Day First Americans Thanksgiving
Literacy Celebrate the Holidays Inventors and Inventions
Martin Luther King Music Careers
Black History Month Olympics Presidents
Puzzles Women's History Brain Awareness Week
March Natl. Nutrition Month Spring Break National Poetry Month
Earth Day 2006 Science of Baseball Racing
Summer Reading

SCHOOL YEAR 2004-2005 

Famous Hoosiers Webquests

SCHOOL YEAR 2003-2004

Measurement & Time + Remembering 9/11 Online Images Fall Leaves
Primary Resources Columbus Day & Explorers Brain Matters
Six Traits Lewis and Clark Native Americans
Thanksgiving Flight December Holidays
Remembering Dr. M. L. King Reading Strategies Indiana DOE Resources
Black History Month American Presidency Biographies
Authors & Illustrators Newspapers, Magazines & Current Events Women's History
Brain Awareness Week Disability Awareness Month Poetry 2
Earth Day and Environment Baseball 2 Bugs, Birds, & Butterflies
Summer Safety Summer Reading 2004 Elections 2004

SCHOOL YEAR 2002-2003

Fall in Indiana Poetry Sites "of the day"
Writing Geographic & Historical Maps Economics & Money
Earth Day Elections WebCams & Virtual Tours
Native Americans Explorers Halloween--Spooky
Holidays Here & Around the World Holidays Part II Winter Fun
Authors & Illustrators Newspapers & Current Events Women's History
Character & Ethics America At War Planets & Space
Questions & Thinking Baseball Art & Music
May in Indiana Summer Safety & Summer Reading