Election Campaigns


Go to the Grolier and World Book online encyclopedias and keyword the name of the president. 

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Thomas Jefferson Democratic- Republican
John Adams Federalist

Campaign Commercials:

A Historical Look at Campaign Commercials

US Presidential Elections

Campaigns for the Presidency: Historical coverage of past campaigns is extensive.
See Presidential Campaigns, Conventions,
and Elections with many links to conventions, campaigns, and primaries.

Popular American Songs--19th Century


American Memory (Library of Congress)

The American Presidency Project

The Smithsonian—The American President

American President

Harpers Weekly

1824 John Quincy Adams Democratic-Republican
Andrew Jackson--Democratic-Republican
1860 Abraham Lincoln -Republican
Steven Douglas- Democrat
1876 Rutherford B. Hayes-Republican
Samuel J. Tilden Democrat
1892 Grover Cleveland- Democrat
Benjamin Harrison-  Republican
James Weaver-Populist
1960 John F. Kennedy- Democrat
Richard Nixon-Republican