FCSC ExamView Guide

ExamView Intro

The ExamView Assessment Suite is a family of software products that helps create assessment questions and tests for K-12 classrooms, universities, and corporations. To learn more click the video or PDF icon above. Below you will find step by step instructions for implementing ExamView with in the Franklin Community School Corporation. The video and PDF icons will give additional help with each step.


Before You Begin:

1. Create an ExamView folder in your H Drive

2. Set the ExamView Test Generator preferences

3. Set the ExamView Test Manager preferences


Setup Your Classes in ExamView Test Manager :

 Create a Class and hand enter students

 Or, import students to your class


Create an activity in ExamView Test Generator

1. Seven Test Selection Methods

2. Edit Test Sections

3. Modify Test Questions

4. Format a Test

5. Saving and Printing


Publishing and assigning an Online (LAN) Test


Students complete activity in ExamView Test Player


Retrieve scores, answers, and reports in Test Manager


Download of ExamView Assessment Suite: Click Here


For Additional Assistance and Information:




Training handout