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Science Teachers Video


United Streaming- Online videos, video clips, and instructional materials

Poetry Pathfinder- Be sure to View in Frames

Videos for Authors - See videos of your favorite author!

FactMonster-Online Almanac, Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Encyclopedia

Hunt for SUPERTWISTERS-On this website you will find two videos, one to explain how twisters are tracked and another to describe practices to provide shelter from the storm. Students are also able to view pictures of storm damage and assess the level of destruction. A teacher's guide and other resources are available.

World Book

Sample NWEA Questions: http://www.boiseschools.org/schools/north/mrznorth/isatsamplequestions.htm

Core Value Book List Boston Tea Party Baseball: Sue Corbett Language Arts Links
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Boston Tea Party
Grolier Online (See the marque that says "Today is: Find out What Happened  on this Day in History.")

World Book: http://www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar071320

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